Monday, February 23, 2015

Crazy First FULL Year

I was determined at the beginning of the school year to write in this blog a couple of times a week. Clearly that did not happen. Thanks to two 3-hour delays in the past week, I am a little caught up and can actually enjoy some time on my computer. :)

Within the past two weeks, I have survived Winterfest for high school. Along with Winterfest came crazy dress-up days and choreographing a dance rountine for HS boys. After some pizza bribes, I got the perfect group to perform at our pep assembly on the last day of Winterfest -- they did great! I wish I had pictures to post. The "Manleading Team" as they like to be called also gets to perform at the girls' basketball regional game tomorrow night.

My 8th grade darlings just wrapped up a unit on Religions Around the World, and they did awesome projects. I was so impressed that I just had to post some of the finished products. Each student was assigned a group, and each group was assigned a religion to study and present. The groups had 3-4 students with three tasks: 

- an overview PowerPoint
- a 3d version of the place of worship, and 
- a poster about the holidays

A Christian Church - complete with little pews inside.

A Muslim Mosque - with beautiful rugs drawn inside.

A Poster about Jewish Holidays.

Next up on the agenda is having speakers come in to talk to my 8th grade students about the traditions of Native Americans, Our unit is all about early America, but with such a large Native American population at school I thought it would be fun for someone else to do the talking for once! :) 

My freshman survived their first set of finals in January, and now we are working hard to wrap our minds around World War II. I just purchased "World War II: Predicting Allied Strategy Cooperative Activity" from the Chalk Dust Diva on TPT in hopes to get my students moving around. I feel so bad that they are cooped up all winter, especially with how cold it's been lately, that I want them to be moving around. What are you doing in your classroom to compensate for amount of time spent inside this winter?

Well, I'm off to get prepped for the kiddos to start coming in. Monday 3-hour delays are a blessing in disguise. It helps me get everything prepared that I should have done over the weekend and allows the students to sleep in - in hopes they aren't so groggy this afternoon!

Much love,

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday's Scoop

After a very long hiatus, I am back in the blogging world! I am linking up with the Teaching Trio on this very cold Sunday night for their Sunday Scoop. You can go on over to their blog to get your own blank copy and start your entry!

Here's the scoop of my Sunday... 

Hope everyone else is staying warm. It can stop being winter any day now in Wisconsin.

Now go link up with those fabulous girls and have some fun -- 

Much love, Kendra