Thursday, August 28, 2014

Decorating the Classroom

I always thought that when I got my first classroom, that I would bedazzle it to the heavens. That definitely wasn't the case. Even though I have had this position since last January, I couldn't think all summer of how I wanted to organize the student desks, let alone how I was going to thematically decorate this classroom. Despite all the headaches, here are some things that did get put together in time for the first day!

(I am so happy I cleaned and organized before leaving for the summer, and to my surprise, I was given new desks! My old ones were awful - the tops were drawn on, screws would come out randomly. It was a disaster.)

... And then this is my desk once I pile all of my "stuff" on it to get to work.

Blackboard all set-up with the weekly planner on it for students to look at. I love the bold masking tap from Staples.

The counter below has my new classroom set of Chromebooks on it that I received a grant for! I was so excited - as I spent a lot of time in the computer lab last year. I put them in dish drying racks, as the other teachers who have Chromebooks said this was the easiest way for students to keep them organized.  I also got those cork boards from Walmart for $5.

These markers though >>> I love them! I purchased the wrong ones originally so I am getting new ones. They write like dry erase markers, but on a chalk board. I always have trouble with the kiddos erasing stuff because they just want to touch the board. Jokes on them this time - the only was to erase this liquid chalk is with water. Hopefully they don't figure that out. 

Here is an example of how they look:

I found this map at Walmart for $4 and then bought a frame and matting at Hobby Lobby. I love it, and I receive so many compliments on it.

This board is right when you walk in my front door. It has classroom expectations, classroom signals (trying this out for the first time), along with our athletics calendar and a monthly calendar. I found the monthly calendar at the Dollar Store and laminated it so that I could write on it with white board markers. Chances are the students are going to take this over with their birthdays once they realize they can write on it.

And that's it for the classroom tour. I am still trying to figure out how in the world to organize my desks so that my kiddos can see the board and not be tempted to talk to others when I am presenting information. However, I do want the desks to be easy enough to move back and forth for group work. If you have any ideas - HELP!

Good luck with the start of your school years!

Much love,

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